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New Classifieds Rule - Effective September 1st, 2012

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New Classifieds Rule - Effective September 1st, 2012

Post by coachk28 on Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:20 pm

Dear SPAAM Members,

Thanks for making this forum a great place to discuss all things related to sports autographs and memorabilia collecting!

However, as the forum grows it is important we continue to keep this site a safe selling/buying/trading enviroment for all of our members.

We have a very relaxed atmosphere on SPAAM, but it is important that our members follow what few guidlines we have. When using the Classifieds Section on our forum please make sure you abide by the RULES that have been in effect since the creation of SPAAM.

*** For example, here are a couple basic rules to keep in mind when selling and trading on SPAAM.

- Please start all threads with one or more of the following abbreviations...
FS: (When setting up a for sale thread)
FT: (When setting up an items for trade thread)
WTB: (When setting up a want to buy thread)
WTT: (When setting up a want to trade for thread)

- You must include a sale price for your item(s). No auctions or Ebay listings! You can however except Best Offers (OBO).

- You must include pictures of the items you are selling.

You can read the rest of our Classifieds Rules by clicking on the following link...

SPAAM Classifieds Rules

SPAAM Administrators and Moderators will be checking regularly to ensure these basic guidelines are being followed. Violations may result in your post being deleted or locked, or even a ban from the forum.

*** PLEASE NOTE - Effective September 1st, 2012 we will be implementing and enforcing a new rule on our Classifieds Section.

In order to list items FOR SALE or FOR TRADE members will have to have made at least 25 POSTS before doing so.

CURRENT members who posted items FS/FT and have not achieved 25 posts after this date will receive a friendly reminder from our SPAAM Team.

NEW members who post a FS/FT thread before this date will be expected to have 25 posts before selling/trading.

WTB posts are exempt from the 25 post count. Any WTB posts will be solely at the discretion of the potential seller.

I am sure you are asking yourself, "Why are we setting a minimum 25 post count to be able to sell/trade in the classifieds?" This is to discourage new users who only sign up to sell and have no intention of participating or contributing to our forum in any other way than to just make money off of our members. This is also being done to help prevent scammers from joining and just trying to sell their junk!

SPAAM takes very seriously the safety of our members regarding transactions and encourages all new members to take an active part in the forum before trying to sell their items. You will also have a much increased chance of buying/selling/trading if our established members know you.

If you feel a SPAAM member is in violation of these rules, or if you have any comments/concerns/questions please feel free to contact a SPAAM Administator or Moderator!

- The SPAAM Team

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