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President Obama Gives Kid A School Absentee Note!

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President Obama Gives Kid A School Absentee Note!

Post by coachk28 on Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:47 am

One lucky fifth grader in Minnesota is coming back to school Monday with a very special absentee note, after his dad let him skip class Friday to go meet the President of the United States. President Obama visited a Honeywell factory near Minneapolis that day, where Tyler Sullivan‘s dad Ryan, one of the new employees there, was set to introduce him. Given the occasion, Sullivan let his son tag along, and the President made sure Tyler had something to show teachers next week.

It’s not exactly a new campaign trick– New Jersey Governor Chris Christie most recently excused a boy from going to class to see him– but it never fails to be adorable. And with campaign season in full swing, expect plenty of these sort of stories from Democrats and Republicans alike– the silver lining to five more months of negative campaign ads, surrogate gaffes, and a couple of anything-can-happen National Conventions.


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