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How To Properly Post A Picture

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How To Properly Post A Picture

Post by coachk28 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:09 pm


If you are having trouble posting a picture into your one of your posts (or your whole picture isn't fitting into your posts) follow these steps!

Posting a Pic - Part 1

- Click on the icon with the Picture & Floppy Disc
- When the "Upload your image" window pops up, Resize the image to 640 px width (for websites)

Posting a Pic - Part 2

- After selecting the option to resize your image, Click on the "Browse" button to find the image on your computer you wish to post.

Posting A Pic - Part 3

- Once you have selected your pic press the "Host It" button.

Posting A Pic - Part 4

- Once you have pressed the "Host It" button, three options will appear.
- You can either post your picture as a Thumbnail, an Image, or an Image URL.
- After you select how you want to post your image, copy and paste the code into your message.
- Once you Preview or Send your post... you will be able to see your picture!

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