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Clem Labines' last worn cleats

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Clem Labines' last worn cleats

Post by mrgoo1972 on Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:26 am

I have been given the honor to be the keeper of the last pair of cleats worn by Clem Labine. I received them from a close family friend and they were accompanied with a letter of authentication from his widow, Barbara Labine. My friend is also donating signed memorabilia of Clems' and actual dirt from Ebbets field pitching mound nabbed by Clem himself before they tore it down. Now, I know there may be naysayers about the dirt, but if he charged, I would be skeptical. Them being free makes me think it's legit, plus the connection (my friends dad was Clems' off-season boss and grew up with Clems' son). I will post photos of his donations.

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Clem is pictured sitting far right. He is wearing the same shoes.

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