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Athletes Endorsing SPAAM Contest

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Urgent Athletes Endorsing SPAAM Contest

Post by coachk28 on Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:35 pm

This new contest will be ongoing as long as SPAAM is in existence!

Many of us do our sports autographing In Person (IP).

This is a contest created especially for those members.  Giving them another fun way to interact with the athletes, and to help promote and spread the word about the forum.

Here is your task...

The goal of the contest is to take a picture of an athlete (or of you with the athlete) holding a sign that promotes the SPAAM Forum.

The sign MUST look something like this...

Every time a member has success in doing so and posts the picture within the contest thread and/or on our Official Facebook Page, Twitter etc they get an entry into a raffle for autographed prizes.  We will hold the prize raffle every month or so.

So again... here is a recap of what you must do...

1. Create a sign promoting SPAAM that looks like the one above.  It must be created so that it is noticeable and easy to read.  And the web address MUST be present on the sign.  The easiest thing to do is just to print out the sign I have created above.

2.  When you meet an athlete in person ask them to hold the sign, while you take a picture of them doing so!  You are encourage to pose with the athlete as well.  But the athlete MUST be holding the sign!

3.  Once you have successfully taken the picture of the athlete holding the sign promoting SPAAM, post the picture you took within the contest thread.  You are also encouraged to post the picture on our official SPAAM Facebook Page and Twitter account.  You can also post the picture on your personal Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, blog page etc.  

4.  For every different media outlet you post the picture on, you will receive an additional entry into a contest for autographed prizes!  You must provide evidence of these posts.

Good luck!  And have fun!

Can't wait to see the results!

We will post a picture of our first prize(s) soon!!!

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