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Baseball Writers’ Association of America... You Are A Joke!!!

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Baseball Writers’ Association of America... You Are A Joke!!!

Post by coachk28 on Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:51 am

In the 2013 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame voting former pitcher Aaron Sele received 1 vote!

Really? 1 vote? With a career stats such as....

- 14 MLB Seasons
- Win/Loss - 148–112
- ERA = 4.61
- K's - 1,407
- 2x All-Star
- Hit Batsmen - 112

This just adds fuel to the fire that these douchebags that make up the BBWAA, have no business voting for which baseball players make it into the Hall of Fame! Why should 700 sports journalists have a say in who makes it into Cooperstown? Most of these guys with there Bachelors' Degrees in journalism or mass communication couldn't hit a curve ball to save their life... let alone actually throw one!

Hall of Fame voting as gone through several changes since the 1930s and it's time for the most important one to happen!

Only current and former MLB players and coaches should be able to vote for who gets to go into the Baseball Hall of Fame! Baseball players should get voted in by their peers, not a bunch of fat old nonathletic men who consider themselves experts on baseball, just because they have written about it or followed it for a long period of time.

I've been teaching United States history for 10 years... and have been reading books, watching documentaries and studying about US History and US Militaria for over 15 years. Does that make me an expert? NO! Does that make me qualified enough to sit in on Congressional meetings on whether or not the United States should go to war with another nation? HELL NO!!!

The HOF is starting to get watered down and loose it's credibility! It's becoming the Hall of Great... or the Hall of Very Good! Take the votes away from the media... and give it to the players and coaches!

I would love to continue my rant! But I will just break something! Break Computer

What do you guys think?

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Re: Baseball Writers’ Association of America... You Are A Joke!!!

Post by vjw0307 on Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:15 pm

I've always liked Sele but was honestly surprised he even got one vote. Typically the "one vote" getters are voted for by writers who covered their career or had a special connection with the player...its really never to try to get that player elected, but more of a "Thanks" from someone. I was really shocked this year by a few things.

1) Craig Biggio, Bagwell and Piazza (especially Piazza) should have been 1st ballot HOF'ers...not only because of the numbers but because of how they played the game...Biggio and Bagwell put up great numbers, never had any conflicts on or off the field, serve their community and represent baseball like it should be represented. No worries, I know they will get in eventually, but still...

2) There are a few 1st year ballot members who didn't get the 5% minimum who will never appear on the list again...and for some of those guys, its an absolute shame. For instance, David Wells, love him or hate him had a fairly solid career...probably not a HOF career, but a solid one. Numbers wise, he wasn't far off from Jack Morris who is facing his last year on the ballot next year.

3) Since no one got voted in this year, look at who will now be on the ballot next year who DESERVE to be voted in...and should not have to wait a single year (not including PED candidates):

Craig Biggio
Jeff Bagwell
Mike Piazza
Greg Maddux
Frank Thomas
Tom Glavine
I'll even throw in Jeff Kent and Mike Mussina

If done write and the voters vote for those deserving, 2014 could be one of the best induction classes in decades!

The ballots over the next couple of season are going to be crazy. Next year you will have eligible:

5 guys in the 500 HR club
2 guys in the 3000 Hit club
3 guys in the 300 Win club

These clubs would grant you immediate access to the HOF at one, with the guys in those clubs and the PED alligations, who knows what the standards are going to be going forward...

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