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My Heisman Trophy Magazine

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My Heisman Trophy Magazine

Post by TheAutoMan on Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:23 pm

I have the following signatures, all in blue, on the cover of this magazine. All acquired from March-November 2010 and I plan to add John Huarte in March.

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Acquired at the March 2010 Sun Times Show:

#1 Charles White, my first name on the magazine. Not very nice. Since he was a USC alum, while he was signing my magazine, I wanted to ask him, in his opinion, why no school on the West Coast besides USC had a Heisman winner in 40 years. "Shh! I'm working!" While signing my magazine. Then I asked him and he just shrugged.

Acquired at 2010 Fan's Edge Show:

#1 Joe Bellino
#2 John David Crow
#3 George Rogers. He was nice. All of them were. After I got my final autograph that Sunday (Pete Rose) he was just hanging out. So I talked to him for a minute or two. I asked him where he kept his Heisman. He said on his fireplace.
#4 Johnny Lattner
#5 Gary Beban. In addition to adding Heisman 67, I also asked for a "Great One" inscription and got it. He was a European History Major in college and we talked about that a little. He said about the Great One: "You won't see too many of those but I am in a good mood today."

September 2010:
I got Ron Dayne on my magazine at some sort of Pub. It was free and he was going to sign copies of his book if you wanted one but he would sign outside items. I get there. Nobody is there. He signs my magazine and a printout I brought. He was pretty nice. I asked him about a possible comeback but he said he had just gotten surgery.

Acquired at 2010 November Sun Times Show:

#1 Archie Griffin. Very nice man. I asked how exactly he thought he won back to back Heisman's. He credited his offensive line.
#2 Tim Brown. Nice man. I told him he belongs in Canton. I don't remember too much of our conversation except he wasn't sure where to fit his signature. I think Griffin was impressed.

I wonder what Huarte will say. I am very excited to get him.

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